Restore Deleted SVN Directory

I delete a directory using the SVN Explorer in Eclipse, but then I needed it again.

No problem I thought, there will be a “Restore...” menu choice.......well, not exactly.....

I navigated a lot the user interface and I was unable to restore it, I could see that was deleted with “Show History” but no luck in taking it back to light.

Of course I googled a bit and I found some interesting suggestions. No one was correct for my use case, but thank to those hints I was able to understand something about SVN.

In particular the “copy” command that has this definition:


Copy a file in a working copy or in the repository. SRC and DST can each be either a working copy (WC) path or URL:


    WC -> WC

    Copy and schedule an item for addition (with history).

    WC -> URL

    Immediately commit a copy of WC to URL.

    URL -> WC

    Check out URL into WC, and schedule it for addition.

    URL -> URL

    Complete server-side copy. This is usually used to branch and tag.

I hadn't any WC (Working Copy), so i tried copying from the last version that had the deleted folder to the head:

svn copy



        --message "Restored a Deleted Folder"

Committed revision 43611.

And voila, my folder was back into the right place.